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"It was an absolute pleasure working with Julie. She helped me immensely at finding strength, confidence, and control in my voice and breathing technique. She quickly identified what worked best for me, and perhaps most importantly, she helped me learn to love and look forward to singing."

Alan Wilkis of Big Data 


"Julie has helped me discover quite a few things about my voice that have changed the way I approach singing. Each lesson is so full of information that I leave each lesson feeling like I've just had 4 lessons! She is very patient and has a unique and fun style that makes each lesson very enjoyable as well as extremely informative."

AJ Fisher, Broadway singer & dancer in the cast of Mamma Mia

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"Julie Hardy is the most accomplished and versatile session singer I've had the opportunity to work with.  In my field, where fast turnarounds are the norm, her ability to learn parts quickly is invaluable.  Additionally, it helps that she can adapt her voice to sound authentic in nearly every style and situation."

Mike MacAllister, composer and producer


"Finding Julie as a vocal coach was like hitting the jackpot. Not only does she have a deep knowledge of vocal technique, but she was able to help me improve my theory, my ability to sing harmony and, perhaps most importantly, my comfort with my own unique sound -- all important elements for someone who is serious about singing! On top of this, she was fun and personable and really cares about each one of her students. My lessons were never rote or dry, but relevant and developed specifically for my needs and interests. I highly recommend Julie as a vocal coach (and more) for anyone who wants to take their singing career to the next level."

- Kalen Lister of Kalen & The Sky Thieves


"Julie is an exceptional teacher.  She makes me feel comfortable, while pushing me to reach new levels with my voice.  I have been working with her for a few years and have felt immeasurable growth, understanding, and confidence building under her guidance.  Her vast knowledge of classical music mixed with today's sounds is imperative to any student who really wants to be educated and well rounded in this field.  I highly recommend Julie, the proof is in the pudding!"

Kaiti Dangerkat, singer, dancer, and songwriter